[KPCA] [TPCA] KPCAshow 2020 개막 축하 메세지 영상

On behalf of Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA), it is a privilege to extend my heartiest congratulations on the celebration of KPCA Show 2020.
KPCA Show demonstrated its strength and impact over previous years. Despite the challenges imposed by this global pandemic, the global PCB industry still continued to increase shipment. This is a significant milestone and a most opportune time for us to pay tribute to the betterment of linkage the PCB industry for manufacturers, suppliers and traders around the globe. We sincerely hope for the establishment of further collaboration and stronger collaboration between PCB manufacturers.
We strongly believe that KPCA Show 2020 will continue on forging remarkable interchange platform for manufacturers among the industry. Together, we are united to stand firm in adversities for a brighter future.
We sincerely wish you a tremendous success of KPCAshow2020!

With Best Regards,

Maurice Lee
Chairman of TPCA
November, 2020
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