[KPCA] [IPC] KPCAshow 2020 개막 축하 인사말
IPC extends its best wishes to KPCA for a successful 2020 International Electronic Circuits and Packaging show. We are pleased to be part of the event and we look forward to collaborating with KPCA on future endeavors.
Exhibitions and symposia such as the KPCA Show are vital in bringing buyers and sellers together for promoting industry networking and for educating members on new technological developments. We urge show attendees to take advantage of all the educational opportunities and networking that this show offers, including advanced packaging, printed electronics, 3D printed circuits, technology for 5G application, and more.
As a like-minded electronics industry association, IPC shares KPCA’s goals in furthering the competitive excellence and financial success of its members and industry and strives to be a leading source of information and education. I am confident that attendees will find new ways to solve manufacturing challenges, meet with suppliers that will help save time and money and foster new business opportunities.
Our best wishes for a productive 2020 Show!
Dr. John W. Mitchell
IPC President and CEO
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